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1 Week Rasqui Island Chalet with Fullboard

Rasqui Island Chalet

The Rasqui Island Chalet is not like any other accommodation in Gran Roques, but on Rasqui. The design is reminiscent of a by chalet and is located just 5 minutes by boat from Los Roques in the Caribbean, off to a dream still. The chalet is built according to ecological standards, with its own wind and solar energy, sea water desalination plant, so that the marine national park can be preserved in its present form. Furthermore, the Chalet offers Internet, marine radios, refrigerator, freezer, TV, telephone, private barbecue. Each room has a bathroom and shower, during the stay, the kayaks to explore the coral archipelago are used. A real secret this Rasqui Isand chalet.


• flight Caracas-Los Roques-Caracas

• Reception at the airport of Los Roques

• 6 nights in a double-bed rooms


from 680 Euro

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