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Kitesurfing in Los Roques Francisqui island

Francisqui is perfect for surfing suitable spot from a world class and only 15 minutes from Gran Roque, the main island. The most comfortable Francisqui reach by boat. The waves have a length of 50 to 150 m and are suitable only for experienced kitesurfers. It is possible to take kite-only hours, or to borrow equipment. There are a limited number of equipment and you should reserve a space before the best or at least be up to 10 clock in the office on the island Francisqui. An experienced guide is available. There are Cabrinha equipment loaned or you have the opportunity to bring your own equipment and store overnight. When surfing own baggage is brought along, please give advance notice, since there are only limited in the aircraft storage space.

Wind and weather conditions

The following link there is detailed information about wind and weather conditions.


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